It's Showtime!

Poster design by: astte designs

Poster design by: astte designs

Welcome to our own space on the internet made specifically for MEPAA performers! This page will answer any questions you may have, host any forms that must be completed, provide updated rehearsal calendars and useful resources, and more! Please do not share this page on any social media sites, it is solely for us.

Our upcoming show, Arabian Voyage 2018, is just around the corner! Feel free to contact your instructor if you have any questions.

Arabian Voyage 2019

Show Date:     Saturday, May 11, 2019
Show Time:     7:00 PM (doors will open at 6:00 PM)
Ticket Price:    $25 in advance / $30 at the door | General Seating
Location:         McCarthy Hall Theater (Room 6120 – MDC Kendall Campus)

Please read through these guidelines carefully, and feel free to speak with us directly should any questions or comments arise. Lastly, everyone has worked very hard for this event.  Please advise your family and friends to arrive early and to cooperate with the staff in every possible way. Your help in spreading the word about our show and creating a sold-out house will be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to sharing the stage with you! 😍

Performer Packet

Please click the link below to download your performer packet. This packet includes important show information, campus map, show checklist, and your MEPAA RELEASE FORM. Please download, print, sign, and return to your choreographer ASAP.

Rehearsal Schedule

Please arrive to all rehearsals at least 10 minutes before scheduled so that we may begin on time.

  • Performers must attend all scheduled rehearsals. Failure to attend rehearsals will result in strikes. Starting in April, after 3 strikes, you will be removed from that group choreography; No refunds, no excuses. 

  • Additional rehearsals might be scheduled as needed. Your instructor will notify you of any changes to the schedule. Please check here regularly for the latest calendar. 

  • During all rehearsals, please make sure your cell phones are set on vibrate or silent mode.

  • Keep track and take care of all your props, costumes and personal belongings. Make sure you have everything you came in with at the end of rehearsals. (Don’t bring valuable items to rehearsals; MDC or MEPAA will not be held accountable for any lost, stolen or damaged items.)

    Director's Note: It is incredibly helpful if in addition to these rehearsals, you ladies meet on your own and rehearse together as a group. As you can see, the schedule is tight and if you can help your instructor (and each other) with additional rehearsals, the difference will be seen on stage. We all know what practice makes! :)

Dress Rehearsal

Date and Time: May 10, 2019, 6:45 pm
Location: Room 6120, McCarthy Auditorium
Attending Dress Rehearsal is mandatory. Those not attending Dress Rehearsal will not be able to perform in the show. Please bring full costume and jewelry (show makeup is not required, but always helps for emoting). Only participating performers will be allowed in the auditorium; no family members or children. Performers are required to stay until the end of the rehearsal, we will review curtain call at the end. Please be on time – we are working with union contractors that cannot be delayed. This year's Dress Rehearsal will run as a tech rehearsal. We will run through the show as if it was showtime. Make sure to change and have your friends assist with quick changes so you make it on stage on time. 

Let's Get Glam!

Makeup 💄

Makeup will be provided on site by Marelisa (A Lavish Touch). She will charge $25 for full makeup and will collect the full amount the day of the show. If you only want your eyelashes put on, she is charging $5. You must provide your own fake eyelashes. If you are having your makeup done elsewhere, appropriate stage makeup should include dark smokey eyes, red lips, contouring, blush, and fake eyelashes. 

Photography & Video 📸

Siufer Photos Flyer.PNG

  • Our professional photographer—Siufer Artistry, will be available to render services to the performers. These services are not provided by Miami Dade College. Any arrangements made are between the photographer or videographer and the student. Performers are under no obligation to purchase any of these services.

  • Videotaping and/or flash photography will not be allowed during the show. Whoever is caught will be removed from the auditorium. Please be courteous to others and respect this rule. Video will also be provided by Siufer Artistry.

Makeup and Mini Photoshoot Schedule

Official makeup and mini shoot schedules coming soon!


Ticket are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. For every ticket you sell, please keep $5. Tickets will be sold on campus (cash only) as well as online.

  • Ticket incentives have been given to performers that have requested to sell tickets on their own. Students who sell more than 10 tickets will receive a 5x7 art print, signed by MEPAA staff in gratitude for your incredible efforts. 

  • Seats are first-come first-served. The auditorium has 325 seats and no seats will be reserved for family members. We advise you purchase all your tickets in advance, as prices go up at the door. 

  • Children over the age of two (or if they require their own seat) must purchase a ticket.

Show Details

On the day of the show, please check the above Glam Schedule for your arrival time.  You are welcome to come earlier if you wish. Please do not arrive any later than 2 pm. Make sure to bring whatever you may need for the day, including food and drinks. If you are having your makeup done with Mary and/or taking photos with Siufer, we will notify you the best time to arrive.

  • During the show, only performers will be allowed backstage / in the dressing rooms. Every performer will need to stay backstage when not performing. There will not be any access to the auditorium. While waiting backstage, please stay quiet. The audience can hear everything! All performers must stay for the duration of the show and participate in the final curtain call (in full costume).

  • Remember that our aim is to create illusion, therefore, please do not appear in costume and makeup offstage or outside the theatre before the show. Remain in your cover-up (also known as an abaya) when not in your dressing room or preparing to go onstage for your number.

  • Anyone behaving inappropriately or found using alcohol/illegal substances will be immediately escorted off the premises and will not be allowed back to the event.

  • Students will be allowed to perform and have their name appear in the show program only if they have signed the MEPAA Performer Release Form (found below), the MDC release forms, and registered for the show using the MDC show reference number. As soon as I have the number, it will be provided here.

Shareable Campus Maps

Campus map with theatre room highlighted and recommended parking areas


Safe Travels... See You at Rehearsals!