For over 20 years, Mid East Performing Arts Academy has brought elegant and authentic Middle Eastern dance to South Florida. By providing sophisticated, professional, and award-winning instructors and performers, Mid East Performing Arts Academy has become synonymous with professionalism and quality.

We pride ourselves in teaching dancers the most diverse Middle Eastern and Central Asian dance styles. Now with a professional team of 6 award-winning instructors, our school provides you with patient, fun, and challenging classes to push you to the next level.


PHOTOGRAPHY BY: SIUFER ARTISTRY (from Arabian Voyage 2019)

photo by: Siufer artistry

“Only a deep-rooted admiration and dedication to this rich and magnificent culture can preserve the elegance and respect that its art form truly deserves.” 
Amara Sayid

“Amara delivers a heartfelt performance on stage with great elegance, emotion, and fluidity. It is refreshing to witness a dancer that reflects back to the authentic roots of belly dancing. She showcases herself in a way that takes you back to watching some of the Egyptian legends within her own personal, creative style.”
Hind Haymour,
Authentic Belly-Dancing by Hind, Canada & USA

Amara Sayid - Artistic Director and Instructor


  • Over 18 years of Middle Eastern Dance Experience

  • International Performer

  • 1st place winner of Lelah Masriya Dance Festival in Cairo, Egypt
    (Pro-Soloist Category, 2014)

  • 1st place winner of USA Belly Dance Queen Competition
    (Troupe Category with Azhar Dance Ensemble, 2013)

  • Specializes in Egyptian Dance - Oriental and Folklore but well-versed in other Middle Eastern dance styles.

Specializing in the Egyptian style and folklore-inspired dances, Amara Sayid is recognized by her heartfelt performances exuding great elegance, emotion, and musicality. Her deep-rooted admiration and dedication to this art form is evident through her decades of studying and experience. Under the instruction of Samay, Amara began her love for dance in 2001. Showcasing a profound aptitude for her art, three years later Amara was one of the few chosen to join Samay Mideast Performing Company as the youngest member of the troupe. In a short time, she became the lead dancer, and in 2009 was named Assistant Director of the company. In 2014, Amara became the Artistic Director of the school continuing the beautiful, creative, and soulful legacy of her mentor Samay.

Amara’s time with the troupe has provided her priceless opportunities to sharpen her technique. She had the honor of opening concert performances for singers such as Nancy Ajram, Najwa Karam, and Shireen.  Her enthusiasm and approach has graced the stages of numerous local theatre productions, including Miami-Dade College’s Annual Dance shows (from 2001 to present), the Miami Belly Dance Convention,  Rakstar, and Middle Eastern Mosaic, to name a few.

Amara has also performed abroad on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (2011) and as a soloist at Aladin El Kholy’s Oriental Festival in Bonn, Germany (2012). She shared the 1st place win with Azhar Dance Ensemble in the (2013) USA Belly Dance Queen Competition - Troupe Category, and is the 1st place winner of the (2014) Lelah Masriya Dance Competition (Pro-Soloist Category) in Cairo, Egypt. She’s trained with world renowned dancers such as Mahmoud Reda, Raqia Hassan, Zaza Hassan, Dr. Hassan Khalil, Hassan Afifi, Aladin El Kholy, Tito Seif, Yousry Sharif, Tamalyn Dallal, Kareem GaD, Bozenka, Ahmed Hussein, Oxana, Esmeralda, and more. Amara’s artistic goal is to maintain the beauty of Middle Eastern Dance by performing with elegance, grace, and authenticity.

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Photo by: lucent photography studio

Danna Yasbet - Assistant Director and Instructor

Danna Yasbet is an award-winning dance artist, inspired by Raqs Sharqi’s beauty, empowerment and emotion. Captivating audiences everywhere with her illustrious elegance and soulful, earthy technique, her style is recognized as a blend of authentic and contemporary Egyptian Dance. She was the runner-up soloist of the 2011 RAKSTAR International Competition, and shared the first-place win with Azhar Dance Ensemble in the 2013 USA Belly Dance Queen Competition - Troupe Category. Her goal is to entertain audiences everywhere while simultaneously promoting the appreciation and cultural understanding of this ageless art form.

Danna embarked on the journey of Middle Eastern dance under the instruction of her mentor and world-renowned artist, Samay, in 2008 and since then has established her professional dance career as an international performer as well as Assistant Director and Instructor for Mid East Performing Arts Academy (previously known as Samay Mideast Performing Arts). She has opened for famous Arabic singers like Najwa Karam and Fares Karam, performed abroad on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Aladin El Kholy’s Oriental Festival in Europe, and continues to perform at several local theater productions.

Her continuous education comprises training from the world’s most prestigious master instructors, including the legendary Mahmoud Reda, Raqia Hassan, Dr. Hassan Khalil, Tito Seif, Yousry Sharif, Zaza Hassan, Aladin El Kholy, Jihan Jamal, Tamalyn Dallal, Bozenka, and Esmeralda, to name a few. Her given name, Danna, is of Arabic origin meaning “a very rare pearl”; Yasbet belongs to her family’s Lebanese roots.

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Andrú Ramir - Instructor

Andrú Ramir is an award-winning dancer and Miami's premiere male belly dance artist. He is a charismatic, regal and soulful dancer, best known for his lines, shimmies and soulful interpretation of music.

A sought after performer, Andrú have become one of Miami's new acclaimed, respected and loved dancers. His exquisite inimitable style has led him to be awarded and crowned the first "Mr. Rakstar in 2012." Andrú is in high demand as he goes on several tours throughout the year. 

Don't miss the opportunity to study with this captivating and dazzling dancer at Miami-Dade College.

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Jihan Jamal - Master Instructor

Jihan Jamal – Dance Master and Master Instructor of Near and Middle Eastern Dances, specializing in Traditional, Theatrical and Folk Dances of Egypt, and flavorings of specific dances of the Levantine as well as Arabian Gulf regions, since 1979.

Ms. Jamal is a Dance Master, Master Instructor, Dance Ethnologist and promoter of Near and Middle Eastern Dance and Performance Arts for the past 39 years. She founded ADORA World Dance Productions in 1982, promoting this genre of dance education and awareness; sponsoring other Master Teachers and Musicians in the field of Arab dance and music traditions, and I has been an integral member of this Dance Arts & Culture community, internationally since 1979, serving as member of the board of Miami’s AACC (Arab-American Cultural Center), and lifelong member.

Jihan is a published writer ( since 2009), and blogger and, since 2010, the Founder and Director of Women Of the Silk Veil (WOSV) Middle Eastern and Asian Arts and Cultural Club. Jihan’s goal as a Dance Master is representing the Arabic Dance and Culture with dignity, elegance and pride.

Jihan's teaching method combines ethnic tradition and regional colloquialisms without sacrificing classical form and traditional technique. As a teacher, her objective is to educate the student in the structure of the dances as well as their cultural, regional backgrounds and the social, religious and political history that has impacted and altered the dance throughout the centuries, to present day.

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Juliana - Children’s Instructor

Juliana dreamed of studying Middle Eastern Dance ever since she was a child. In 2011, she was able to pursue her dream when she enrolled in the Middle Eastern Culture & Arts program with MEPAA. Here she was able to improve and expand her knowledge and technique of Egyptian style belly dance. In 2015, she joined the award-winning dance troupe, Azhar Dance Ensemble, led by the distinguished Amara Sayid. Juliana captivates her audiences with her infectious energy, soulful expression, and polished technique. Juliana will be teaching the Bellydance for Kids class starting in Summer 2019.